The table of our King Jesus.


“Noble men make noble plans and by noble deeds they stand.” Isaiah 32:8

In I Kings 4, the Bible tells us about King Solomon’s wisdom, how he divided the task of providing for his household among his officials, his noblemen.  Each district official had responsibility for one month of the year to bring the basic supplies to the King’s household and all who came to the King’s table. They brought flour and cornmeal, beef and chicken and venison. They even brought barley and straw to feed and bed the King’s horses.  They would work all year gathering from their district what was needed, then bring it to the King’s house to provide for their month. 


 We want to challenge you to put together a team in your church or school to work on a $10,000 fundraiser for Joy Filled Hearts. Or coordinate with a group of churches or schools in your area to work together all year to raise funds for one month of basic supply for our orphanage. All funds will be used to pay for the basic care of our children and ensure our children continue to get quality care.

Special needs children need faithful, loving caregivers to bathe them every day, to help massage their legs, assist them with therapy and hold their small hands around utensils at every meal teaching them to eat by themselves. Our loving caregivers wash, chop and peel all our fruit and vegetables before they come to our table. They wash, hang and fold the children’s clothes everyday while keeping our home sanitary. These daily tasks and much more are done by our loving care givers.

Take the “Noble Challenge” 

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