Ongoing Needs

Each week our greatest needs vary but the following is a list of our basic, ongoing needs:

  • Cloth diapers with safety pins, overnight diapers and Pull-Ups and disposable diapers sizes 5-6 ($US 280 per month)
  • Special body lotion - Keri Advanced Formula
  • Special Weight Gain Powered from GNC ($US 50 per month)
  • Shampoo and Conditioner- No Tear and 2 in 1
  • Training bras
  • Toys - especially stuffed toys, educational and trucks/cars
  • Cleaning supplies (US$150 spent per month) 

All donations are Tax deductible and will receive a year-end tax receipt. 


Los Gozosos was founded on prayer and small miracles happen around here every day. We know that it is only thanks to God that we are able to continue in the work that he has called us to. We need you, our faithful family, to partner with us in prayer for our home. Below you will find some specific ways that you can be praying for us.

Prayer Requests:

  • Daily provision
  • Patience and wisdom for our staff
  • Spiritual renewal
  • Protection
  • The health of our children, both physical and spiritual.

Praises (answers to prayer):

  • God’s faithfulness
  • For our GREAT staff, all truly called by God to be here.

Become A Faithful Family Member

Your monthly support as a Faithful Family member will benefit our ministry by providing a predictable and stable source of income, and most importantly help us plan for a sustainable future.

As Christians, we are blessed to be a blessing and we are all called to serve. When we trust and follow God, he will provide everything we need to be faithful to Him.

For just $10 a month (about the price of a two Lattes) you can help us change lives.  Your donation combined with other people’s donations, can have a real impact on the lives of our children.

How it works:  Just sign up once for a re-occurring donation and we’ll charge your credit card once a month for your selected amount: $10, $20, or whatever you feel lead to give to help us change lives.

Please remember, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for joining our Faithful Family.

Become A Los Gozosos Sponsor

Keeping a family home of 33 disabled children running smoothly is difficult. Each day our cook prepares over 100 meals a day.  Every day, we have 20 loads of laundry that need to be done. We have 10 children still in diapers. We coordinate special education school and transportation for medical appointments. This is only made possible by caring people who support in our work here.

We have so many things that have to be met on a daily basis to ensure that we are providing a quality home to our children.  We cannot do it alone!

If you sponsor or donate to our home, your donation will be used for anything from electricity bills to medical care – or you can specifically request what you want it to go towards.

The donations you give, make the difference to our lives.

What is child Sponsorship? 

US$50.00 per month per child in our Orphanage
US$25.00 per month per child to study in our Special Ed School

Why does it cost so much?


Out of the 135+ orphanages in Guatemala fewer than 10 accept disabled children. Why? Because the costs to provide for one disabled child is 10x more expensive than an average child; they require a higher level of care and have costly medical needs. There has never been government provision for the disabled but we pray that it will change one day. 

Children and teens admitted to residential homes have experienced trauma, abuse, severe neglect and some have mental challenges. Our purpose is to provide them with daily therapy, education, medicine, doctor visits, food, clothing, shelter and LOVE to help them reach full potential in life.  We need fourteen sponsors per child to cover their basic care.

  • The care is specialized and costly but absolutely worth it.  Our precious special needs children are worthy of our generosity and sacrifice to give them the best life possible.
  • By sponsoring a child’s care and education through us, you are providing the opportunity for a special child to live a longer more productive life.  We strive to teach them skills to be independent in their daily life and how to love Jesus with all their hearts.

Wish List

There are certain things we need to keep the orphanage running (our basic needs) on top of those there are things that would make life a lot easier around here.

  • Dependable transportation (running cars, trucks, vans)
  • Later model laptops
  • Long folding tables
  • Pop-up canopy shades

Remember, all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued upon request.