Are you coming to visit?

If you are coming on a team to visit our first request is that you bring a set of clothing for each child.  List of sizes available by e-mail.


Our basic, ongoing needs:

  • Bibs, especially in big kid and adult sizes (great project for your local church sewing or quilting group)
  • Coloring Books & Crayons
  • PediaSure ($1,000.00/month)
  • Special body lotion - Keri Advanced Formula, Eucerin
  • Training bras, underwear and socks (ask for size list)
  • Toys - especially stuffed toys, educational, trucks/cars and small things to use as prizes.
  • Birthday supplies, hats, tiaras, candles, streamers
  • School supplies, stickers
  • Medicine ($2,000.00/month)
  • Food ($1,500.00/month)
  • Diapers ($1,500.00/month)
  • 16 Passenger Van ($35,000.00)
  • Double Cap Pick-up Truck ($35,000.00)
  • Internet & Telephone ($500.00/month)
  • New Washing Machines - SL ($2,000.00)
  • Safety Fence around  new school playground - SL ($2,500.00)
  • Grab Bars for 12 Bathroo,ms - SL ($2,500.00)
  • New Store Room - CH ($5,000.00)
  • Enclosed Therapy Area with Windows & Doors - CH ($5,000.00)
  • New Landing Area - CH ($3,000.00)

All donations are Tax deductible and will receive a year-end tax receipt


Los Gozosos was founded on prayer and miracles happen every day. We know that without home, Jesus, we can do nothing. We need you, our faithful family, to partner with us in prayer for our home. Below you will find some specific ways that you can be praying for us.

Prayer Requests:

  • Daily provision
  • Unity
  • Patience and wisdom for our staff
  • Spiritual renewal
  • Protection
  • The health of our children, both physical and spiritual.

Praises (answers to prayer):

  • God’s faithfulness
  • For our GREAT staff, all truly called by God to be here.

Become A Faithful Family Member

Keeping a family home of 35 disabled children running smoothly is a challenge. Each day our cook prepares over 100 meals and not just ordinary meals but super delicious out of this world yummy meals PLUS special diets for some of our children who can’t eat normal stuff.  Every day, we have 20+ loads of laundry that must be hung up to dry then folded and placed in the drawer. Then the electricty (3x per kilowatt hour average for the USA) and the internet and the phone bill (yes, we still have a land line & 6 cell phones!). Then propane tanks for the stove, the water heater and the dryer. We only utilize the dryer during the rainy season when stuff is still damp after hanging on the line.

We have 10 children still in diapers, stop and think about that for a minute. We bathe 26 children every day; early morning and late morning and afternoon (only one boy can do this completely by himself). Then the girls get their hair done in fantastic creations with those tiny rubber bands. We coordinate special education school transport and transportation for medical appointments and court hearings and picking up donations around the country. We just drove down to a ranch on the coast to pick up a whole cow, cut it pieces so we could  This is only made possible by caring people like YOU who support our work here.

We have a multidisciplinary team of professional; Social Worker, Psychologist, Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapist who direct the development program of each one of our children. Plus the local professionals; three General Family Physicians, Neurologist, Dentist, Dermatologist, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Cardiologist, (most have been serving our children for 14 years).

There are so many things that have to be met on a daily basis to keep providing a quality home to our children.  We cannot do it alone!

If you sponsor or donate to our home, your donation will be used for anything from electricity bills to medical care – or you can designate the specific use of your donation.

The donations you give, make the difference to our lives.

Become A Los Gozosos Sponsor

What is child Sponsorship?

  • US$50.00 per month per child in our Home
  • US$25.00 per month per child to study in our Special Ed School

Because of the comprehensive, integrated care that Los Gozosos provides to our children and our desire to keep sponsorship affordable, more than one sponsor supports each of our children. 


Wish List

There are certain things we need to keep the orphanage running (our basic needs) on top of those there are things that would make life a lot easier around here.

  • Dependable transportation (running cars, trucks, vans)
  • New Computers
  • Long folding tables
  • Pop-up canopy shades
  • Tablets or IPads for our school

Remember, all donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued upon request.